There is a big difference between an academic comprehension of God existence and an experiential, autonomous acquaintance with His most holy presence. Some theologians and commentators know more about religion, the history of the church, contents of the Bible, and biblical theology than many who regard themselves as committed Christians. Yet some never yield to or acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s call on their lives. They have never experienced God and thus assume that if they cannot experience God, no one can.

God Help Us If There Is No God

  • Pastor Steve J. Connelly is a counselor, teacher, motivational speaker, and an inspirational writer. He has written four books: I Am Called Faithful and True, Appointed Seasons of the Soul, Divinity in the Hands of Men, and God Help Us If There Is No God. His literary style captivates audiences of diverse vocations and cultural backgrounds. His recurrent theme exposes relevance between modern philosophy, and although not limited to the religious community, it presents a contagious positive mindset from an intriguing scriptural perspective.

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